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    Apr 8, 2005
    No doubt many have heard of the large scale industrial
    espionage foul up around 1999 that resulted in alot of sub-par capacitors
    finding thier way into name brand pc althlon and intel motherboards.
    These capacitors fail eventually because the stolen formula
    was not complete! Brown residue, venting/busted packaging
    STILL turning up in motherboards

    I recently found this site and the fellow has gone
    to the trouble to assemble kits for popular motherboards
    with he sells to the public. they seem resonably priced
    to my eyes.

    Worth a try if you want to buy new capacitors and have
    trouble identifying parts and searching through catalogs
    but are OK with a soldering iron.

    He suggests a temp controlled soldering iron with
    Electrostatic protection, but that is for sissys (just kidding :))

    Some boards that he supplies kits for:
    Abit VP6
    Abit KA7 & KA7-100
    Abit KT7 & KT7-RAID
    Abit BE6-II v1.2
    Abit BE6-II v2.0
    Abit BP6
    Abit SE6
    Abit VL6
    ECS D6VAA v1.0
    MSI K7T Turbo
    MSI K7T Master-S
    MSI 694D Pro
    MSI 815E Pro
    Shuttle FV24 UPDATED!
    Shuttle FV25 UPDATED!
    Supermicro 370DLE
    Supermicro 370DL3


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    busted capacitor
    defective capacitor venting overheated capacitor
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