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    I have two computers, both with ethernet network adapters installed, as well as a HP Photosmart printer with WiFi capability. My question is, if I were to buy a Linksys WRT54G broadband router, could both of my computers set up a file sharing network, could my printer be controlled wirelessly from both computers, and would my iPod Touch be able to use the acces point from the router? Also, would a WiFi card, Cat5e cable, or another router be the best option for the other computer? Thanks for your time,
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    I can't say yes or no to your question, but my printer is connected to a computer I have designated as a server, and it's printer is available to 5 other computers in the house. My internet connect is through a wireless router, I have used over 5 different makes and models over the years with no problems, and the wireless router lets all my computer treat the house network as part of my internal network, wired or wireless, can't tell the different. Actually the speed is a bit faster on my wireless.
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    You'll need the printer drivers on each pc just like if the printer was attached directly to a networked pc and you wanted to use it over the network..
    The router type isn't important regarding your networking ease.. It should be simple to get shares going, but various versions of windows can be pretty annoying depending on how accts are set up..
    If you can plug one pc directly into the router rather than having no wired pc you might save yourself some annoyance one day, but do whats convenient..
    I know nothing about Ipods except that to this day I've never even touched one..
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    To start off to answer all your questions I can say, Yes but I don't know about the wireless printer. I had my printer networked thought one computer and I had all the other computers print to that. I used to have the same router and I did all that with mine. First off you need to make sure that all the computers are on the same network. Then you need to turn on printer and file sharing. And then do what triggernum5 said
    If you need more info on how to set that part up post what you know/done so far.

    About the Ipod it will find the router its self in the wifi list.