Wrong figure & equation in Magnetic units of measurement

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In the section on
Magnetic units of measurement

I noticed that there is an illustration relating to capacitance and equation for dielectric calculations. This is just underneath SI units.
Although there may be some specific reason for this, I am a little confused by it, since the sentence after the illustration refers to "micro" which is not included in the illustration.


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I believe I am going to have to side with jonahugh on this one.

You are correct that this is a diagram pertaining to a capacitor, however, it has no place in the chapter titled, "Magnetic units of measurement", considering it pertains to the electric field as opposed to the magnetic field.

Additionally, the following sentence references a μ that has not been defined, or even seen!

I believe this is a case of simply uploading the wrong image....

Also, the image can be seen again(and rightfully so) in Volume 5, chapter 1, page 5.


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This is a link to the correct image:


Note that the image number at openbook project (ibiblio.org) is the same as the number of the incorrect image at AAC

This is related to me re-using some not available image numbers. There were several images affected. I cleared it up at ibiblio some time ago. At least, I think I cleared it up at ibiblio.

To fix this jrap or somebody needs to download the above image from ibiblio to aac.

Considering that there were several bad images when I fixed it at ibiblio, reloading all the images might be warranted.

This might be the only way to get the images that we have made changes to recently-- unrelated to this thread

Dennis crunkilton.
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