Writing in AVR (Studio 5) to the arduino microcontroller

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The title does not fully explain my problem so I will continue. This is the project that I am working on...well its assignment based but is actually fun when reading up on it.

I have to design a digital counter. It will have 2 buttons (one to increment-a toggle button; and one to reset). The counter must count 0-99 and will be displayed by two 7-segment displays.

Now, I could do this project in the arduino language and my approach would be to use a MAX7219 (or AS1107) IC to drive the 7 segment displays. MY main problem lies in the AVR code as I am new to it.

What I can't do in AVR is:

1) toggle the state of the button
2) Not sure how I can interface arduino to 7 segment displays without an IC.If I do need an IC, how do I do this in AVR as Im used to librarys being provided in arduino code style.

Any resources that tackle the heart of my problem would be great, and of course any help will be amazing ! :)