Wow! this site is awesome!

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I wish I'd found it a couple years ago.

Anyway I'm a noob, but I noticed on the page "Magnetic Units of Measurement" (webpage: )
the greek letter "mu" is referenced but never defined.
I wound up googling it to find out what it means.
Then as I continued on with the lesson the analogy between resistivity (aka specific resistance) and permeability made sense.

My recommendation is to add the symbol for each factor right after the name of each factor at the start of each of their definitions. This creates an immediate link between the name of the factor and its symbol.

It would really help other noobs understand with minimal frustration.

Thank you for this website.


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments. Your point is a valid one and I support putting symbols immediately after the first reference to a concept in a chapter/sub-chapter (many people read the sub-chapters in isolation dependant on what subject they are looking at) - that way we can use the abbreviation later in the text, where appropriate.