Would be Thankful for a check over of my PCB Design before Producing.

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I have a pcb made with easyEDA which uses an Arduino Nano v3 and makes use of a audio synth library called Mozzi (pwm output).
Would be great and sincerely appreciated if anyone could check over for errors before I go and order the pcb's.

MIDI input with opto coupler, and also circuitry for MIDI output, however not used at the same time, switched with jumpers. There is a PWM output from D3 of Nano to audio circuit (volume pot and passive LPF), there is also an optional PWM output from D9 (not shown in schem) but switched on with jumper. *D3 is also used as the TX of MIDI when not being used for PWM, and there is a 6 pin jumper (JP1) for selecting either D3 or Nano's built in TX pin.

Sincere Thanks for any help or advice.
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