World's Most Busted Man

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Dec 8, 2012
    How about this comment:

    "This man is actually homeless and most of the reason he does stuff to get arrested is so he has a warm place to sleep and food in his belly. He is actually a very nice man and can get down and cut a rug like James Brown. I know I have put a few dollars in the jukebox for him to get his James Brown tunes for the day."

    We have a lot of homeless, so maybe that's his way to spend the holidays.:confused:
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    Nov 4, 2013
    I good friend of mine lives pretty low income and he has commented a number of times that when he gets too old to work getting tossed in jail is one way he has thought about for a secure retirement plan.
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    Oct 3, 2010
    That's a better plan than no plan, I guess. If you did something high risk/high reward to get there, then it may be a damn good plan. Like say, rob a bank? If you pull it off, your retirement is paid for, on a beach, with pina coladas. If not, your retirement is paid for, in a cell, with occasional TV and library time. Either way, you aren't going to be on a street corner in a wheelchair with broken spokes and no bearings, begging for stale fries.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Yeah... if you're big and bad enough to keep the prison predators at bay. Some of those people... [ I use the term loosely ]
    I have only heard the reports of some acquaintances that have been " indoors " and doubt I could survive intact on a short assault or trespassing charge - 90 days to six months - I would not tolerate the "advances" of incarcerated lunatics, without my sentence being added to... for attempted or actual murder... or would such be deemed self defense...

    OK... contemplating the dark side, but it IS out there...please don't quote, as this is subject to disappearance...
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    Apr 25, 2008
    The homeless get there checks every month ,you can't blame them for not wanting

    to sign there check over to do-gooders every month. That why you have street

    population ,they go where they can a free meal. They get mediaid insurance from

    the government ,also food stamps. I have seen some of the same guys on the streets

    for 25 years. If they are lucky enough to get run over with car ,they get a free

    attorney for life. Being lonely , who knows what a person feels.
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    Apr 25, 2008
    I let a sick person that had a transplant stay in an apartment for 5 years until his death.

    Every thing furnished , did not inquire about anything he received .His parents would come

    down and spend time with him. Turning the page.
  8. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Yeah, luxury. We loose a few every winter because they freeze to death, or die of heat stroke during our summers. Some of these folks are mental cases, they will never be able to live in our society except in the fringes.

    Contrary to rumor they do not get medical, unless it is serious and requires an ambulance, and local hospitals do not take them. If the hospital is forced to then they "stabilize" the patient and move them to the public county hospitals, which are over used and understaffed.

    Fact is these folks lead a miserable existence, make no mistake about it. If they are lucky they get a hand up, usually in the form of a job and a place to live while they try to get their lives in order.

    I'm not hurting now, but I am fully aware I could be homeless in a year or less. All it takes is a run of bad luck, and no job. So I find the stories how people thrive taking advantage of the system while homeless disingenuous at best, a harmfull at worst.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    I think Bill just said he disagrees.:p

    I know three people that can't count the number of times they have been arrested, and they seem to think it is a legitimate lifestyle. There but for the grace of Dog go I! If I had been caught for every little traffic infraction or misdemeanor I ever did, I'd probably be doing 3 life sentences. Pi$$ off a cop and you have a "friend" for life. When I was 16, I stuck my tongue out at a cop because I saw his radar setup before I accelerated to the speed of the cars around me. I had to leave Indianapolis to get him off my a$$. But I digress. These, "chronic" offenders, all of them children of my friends, live a style that is horrible in my eyes. One has 3 fatal diseases (2 kinds of hepatitis and H.I.V), one seems to be hounded by the police. Either that or he's too stupid to do his crimes in private. One looks like he's still in jail. He apparently has never seen a dentist and I am sorely tired of seeing half his butt crack above his low hanging pants. Each has learned how to survive in jail. I suppose I could, too, but I don't want to learn that particular skill.

    Each of them lives a hand to mouth existence. They never have a dollar and they will do anything for their drug of choice. The smart ones find somebody to give them a room to sleep in and a place to shower. The stupid ones sleep when the last customer is done with them. Their idea of big money is winning a personal injury lawsuit, but I saw a third of a million dollars squandered in less than a year.

    Knowing these wasted people makes me truly grateful for the way I have handled my own life. I'm sitting in a paid-for house, typing on a computer, 40 pounds overweight, and completely caught up with my dentist. They are looking for the next sucker to scam for a meal, a warm place to sleep, or a dose of drugs, and wondering which tooth will be the next to fall out.

    Cherish your home and your family. Your worst day is better than their average day.
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  10. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    I have interviewed people about crime ,I tell them take me over to the place you are

    talking about and show me the crime ,its never there. It happens where you are not

    there ,one or two people get on the wrong path for the time of day. Do you know how

    much crime that can happen in thirty seconds.You have to catch it on camera its that

    quick. Then the slow process of the court system ,after your first encounter with the want no more of it. The expanding system need crime to pay for it.

    They have built so many holding beds and staffers.....crime pays there salaries.

    They need to fill the beds to keep the money coming in.
  11. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    I work from time to time in the NYC hospitals as my wife owns a cleaning business, so we're there cleaning the waiting room chairs. One cold winter night the room has several obviously homeless men there. The story is they come in for "treatment," but as the triage person knows they are there for a warm seat their "medical" needs get low priority.

    So they get a warm seat to sleep in all the cold night long.

    It also seems they get free medical treatment too.