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Hello everyone,

For the life of me, I can not find any information relating the worksheets specifically to sections of the e-book. I was looking through the experiments page and noticed that each one gives a chapter/section type cross-reference so we know what knowledge we should have before doing a specific experiment.

I can not find this for the worksheets. Some of them seem obvious which sections they are relating to, while others seem like they go with one, but halfway through the topic seems to include info from another section. I have not worked throughout all of the e-book yet, so I do not know if at some point it says "hey stop here and go do some worksheets!" so I have been guessing with not much luck.

Perhaps I am completely missing a cross-reference page. I think this would be a great addition if it is not already available somewhere.




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They were made by the same author as the AAC book, but at this moment we don't have a way to input corrections even. They are out of our control.


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Basically Tony Kaphaldt (the author) visits now and again, about every two years or so. Folks like me are trying to finished what he started, the AAC book.

It is also known as "Lessons in Electric Circuits", and can be found at

There is a bit of a disconnect between the two sites, but eventually corrections and additions made here find themselves at the master site.

If you look around the web you will find a lot of other forums that post Tony's book, but as far as I know this is the only "official" forum to do so.