Workers exposed to high rates of EMF= more chance of having female offspring?

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Hey I hope someone can help me out here,

I heard from someone if you are an electrician or engineer and work in area where you are exposed to high rates of Electromagnetic field such as high voltage substations,plants, factories etc.... almost daily, the chances of having a female offspring is increased dramatically. Im very curious as im an apprentice electrician and both my former and current employers all have female offspring and they do high voltage work.

if this is true, why so? any scientific evidence will be appreciated!


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Statistics are more reliable than anecdotes. You've got two (2) guys with daughters and one (1) guy who heard something. I could just as easily point to two of my own co-workers and their fine healthy sons (five between them) & claim the opposite premise. This type of logical error is called "post hoc ergo prompter hoc."

To determine if there is a variation, find some reliable statistics. There's no point in speculating cause until and unless the reliable statistics back up the fairy tale.


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Now that's some good hard data, Nanovate! Looks like mothers' exposure (fetus exposure) to EMR at high frequencies does indeed have an impact.

Has anyone come across stats for EMR at power line frequencies? Or exposure of fathers to either frequency group? The only stats I've seen for fathers deal with reduced fertility due to exposure.


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The "related articles" on the right side of the link failed to find an association. It is a little hard to see how exposure during pregancy can affect sex. The first article needs to be read in full and in context with the latter articles before I would put much weight on it.

In fact, one of the authors (AI Larsen) published another paper and referred to the earlier work of his as a "cluster." That may be a first step is saying that odd things just seem to happen sometimes by chance.