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    1. Assume that the following were Newspaper reports on a serious incident that occurred in a secondary school yesterday: “in one of the modem classrooms all the window glasses were broken”. Four students are suspected – Lizzy, Dimson, Tonia and Micheal. Consequently, they were all cross-examined and each gave three statements as follows:
    a. I am not the one (L1)
    b. I never went to the window (L2)
    c. Michel knows, who broke it (L3)
    a. I didn’t break the glasses (D1)
    b. I never knew Michel before I came to this school (D2)
    c. Perhaps, Tonia did it (D3)
    a. I didn’t (T1)
    b. Michel did it (T2)
    c. Dimson was lying, saying that I did it (T3)
    a. Not me!(M1)
    b. Lizzy broke the glasses (M2)
    c. Dimson can ascertain for me, since he knew me from my birthday (M3)
    If you were called to investigate this matter and assume that one of the three statements made by each above was false. Write the Boolean expression and minimize the resulting system equations to determine who broke the glasses.
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    Perhaps you didn't notice the rules on posting in this forum, particularly where it says to "Post your questions and attempts ....". You need to show some work on what you have done to solve YOUR homework problem thus far. We can then use that as a starting point to steer you either back toward the right path or further along the right right path. We do NOT simply do your homework for you.