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This is something I like to share. or may be ask u on what u know.
Before I tell u the story, can any one answer me,

Why women cry ?

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Sparky.....u got to hear what I gotta say.

Any one else. Please..c'mon guys, I am serious. This is not a mumbo jumbo thread.
Just tell me why your woman cry.?
Just what you think is enuf.

U are gonna like this. I guarantee.


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Because tears have a known effect on men. Women learn at a young age that tears can get them out of most trouble. They learn it from their fathers.


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Chemically, women have a significant amount more estrogen in their bodies than men. Estrogen is known to make the emotional parts of the brain to be much more sensitive. That's why they will bite your head off quicker, too ;):D

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OK....but before I go...I want the Mod's to tell us what they think their ladies cry too.

PS....This place use to be a bit of fun to hang out...where is everybody now?


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women cry because they have a more fragile natural balance, because of hormones and crap
when they cry, it literally rights the balance again, lowers blood hormone content
or something like that
that and they're all just overly emotional wussies
and it gets them out of trouble
Their job is to cry, our job is to prevent anything that'll cause 'em to cry.

ESPECIALLY if it's something we (I) do that makes them cry in the first place!

:) joe


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I saw the same thing today.

Today, I saw a young child cry and I asked myself, why do children cry?

It occurred to me that children do also laugh.
Laughing and crying is universal that all babies do without having to be taught.



Men fight and suppress the urge and need to laugh and cry, women less so.
When was the last time you had a good cry?
Men need to cry more often.
And laugh more as well.
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Women cry to manipulate onlookers into doing their bidding, in order to prevent more tears. Then they cry tears of victory and relief when their whims are obliged.

Maybe Gloria Allred might have a word or two to contribute on this subject.