Witech OK210-A SBC: Need guidance with project

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a new project that uses a single board computer with a built in LCD touch screen to control my hardware. The computer is currently on the way but I'm not sure what to expect or how to move forward when I get it. The project I'm working on is going to use an LCD touch screen for the interface and will be using a thermal desktop printer to print tags on.

    I spent a few days looking for a good single board computer that is pre-built with an LCD touch screen. After not much success I stumbled onto this computer:


    I went ahead and ordered one since the price was enticing. It was $199 and now it seems they are sold out.

    What I'm trying to figure out now is whether or not I can get Ubuntu to run on it without too many issues since I'm completely new to Linux. The only reason I'm leaning towards Ubuntu is because that's the only Linux distro that my printer has drivers for (TSC's TDP-225). I also want to add an RFID reader to the project but that's something I'm going to figure out after I get it going.

    I'm hoping much more knowledgeable people can give me an idea of how Linux will behave with this thing or whether there are better SBCs with LCD touch screens out there. I will put my project overview at the end so everyone has an idea of what I'm trying to do in case I'm going the completely wrong way.

    Project Needs:
    - LCD Touch Screen for interaction (Capacitive preferably)
    - Thermal Desktop Printer (Will be using thermal sticker labels)
    - I2C communication to micro controllers that will run the hardware for my project (I have more experience with micro controllers and believe I have this part under control but I've never implemented an I2C protocol before)
    - RFID Reader to scan a few tags for quick interactions

    Project Overview:
    I'm trying to make a personal drink filling station to fill bottles in the morning to take with me throughout the day. The LCD screen will be used to run a GUI to activate the system and the hardware is going to be controlled by micro controllers. I want a printer attached to print labels for my bottles so I can know which bottles are which (experimenting with different types of water and drinks) and an RFID reader to scan the bottles into the system.
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    Very interesting board. I will order one.
    Keep me informed on your developments.