Wiring Plans for battle switches for LED lights

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Hey all first time here so if i did something wrong i apologize. I know all my symbols for ever things not right but im just learning :/

So this is what i want to do. I want to use one safety flip switch to turn off and on a pair of LED light strips. im using LED switches as well. But i would like to use 2 extra switches for show. Not to do anything just want them to light up. I have drawn a diagram to explain my plan and would love your guy's input. Have i over looked anything? Safety concerns? Will the two extra switches mess with the leds lighting up? If it my pic doesnt show up heres the link :http://imgur.com/KSUKr

So to recap i want switch one to control the LEDs and switch 2 and 3 to do nothing but light up. Also im using 18G wire if relevant. Thank you for your time


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Welcome to AAC!

I am afraid your diagram didn't make it. It was an excellent thought though.

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You can't run LEDs without a resistor. They smoke too much.
Go to "Chat". Look at the top of the listings for "Ohm's Law for Noobies". There is a part in page 2 about how to resistor an LED.

If that doesn't do it for you, there are other references we can point you to.

Hang on...are the LED strips rated for 12 volts? If they are, they already have the right resistor.


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I suspect the OP is using LED strips that already have something like this included. The ones I know about are meant to interlock.

This is why datasheets are so nice, without them all we can do is speculate in the absence of facts.

I have written a tutorial (and more) on LEDs as components. You might be interested.

LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers