Wiring help for a DC motor


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What is the expected load?

How much do you want to spend?

Would a chain driven 24v scooter motor and throttle be something you could adapt to drive the conveyor?

These are cheap (yard sale) or free (curb), if you can find some usable batteries to hook together. It will probably pull 100 lbs. easily on a conveyor roller infeed table about 6' long.


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Yes, I was going to say Grainger too as they have a number of DC variable speed motor controls--standard motors for such are 90V. The simplest and cheapest is built on an aluminum bracket--these are often used for conveyors. For running off the 230VAC line you would use a 180VDC motor.

The 130V motors are used for low torque applications where the SCR semiconverter simply drives the motor to the peak of the AC voltage waveform. This increases the base speed from 1750RPM to about 2500RPM. This application is useful for center driven winders that run very fast at the beginning of the roll, but do not need much torque--as the roll builds, the speed decreases and torque increases.

Filter capacitors are rarely used and require an input reactor as well.

One neat feature on DC drives is current limit--this is adjustable and can be turned down to prevent excessive torque in case your conveyor jams, but have adequate torque to run normally. It can still overheat is left stalled for a length of time--if this is an issue, install an overtemperature switch--optional in some motors.

Typical full load armature current is about 6A on a 0.5HP 90V DC motor--generally motors larger than 1HP are 180V and run up to 3 to 5HP or so.

Three phase drives run from about 5 to hundreds of HP and use 240 or 500V DC Motors.