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  1. Phils69

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    Oct 3, 2012
    Hello all. New here and am looking for some guidance on an issue I am having. I recently installed a big cam in my 69 stang and lost the vacuum needed to run my power brakes. I bought a vacuum pump kit to supply the vacuum needed. I have went thru two switches like came with the kit and they have failed. I searched and they look like they go bad frequently, at least I hope it was not something in my wiring but I'm darn sure it was wired correctly. I have sourced a new switch and want to install it but it is wired differently. Look at the links below for clarification. The kit has it wired with the switch energizing a relay which then connects the negative from the chassis ground to the pump neg. the original switch only has one wire coming from it and is grounded thru the mounting point. I'd like to wire the new switch the same way but need some thoughts on it. I can reroute the wiring like is shown with the new switch but it would be easier to leave it the way it is. Please help.

    Kit http://www.jegs.com/InstallationInstructions/800/884/884-28146.pdf

    New switch http://www.evparts.com/img/BK2785 Wiring Diagram.pdf
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    Nov 25, 2009
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