Wiring a Remote Thermostat.

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Hello to all of you electronic geniuses. Hey I was hoping someone can tell me how to wire up a remote thermostat on an Arcotherm EC 200 portable oil fired heater? They were out of remote thermostats (all weather thermostat on a 16 foot cord)when I bought the heater so when it runs its all or nothing. The heater has a square 4 pin receptacle that the thermostat plugs into. The heater has a pre and post purge cycle so inserting a thermostat on the power cord coming in isn't an option. I'm attaching a wiring diagram and TA is the plug I need to wire the thermostat to. Any help would be appreciated.



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it would appear that RV is a 'run/auto' switch where your always on or your under thermostat control. Your thermostat then would switch between pins 2 and 3 on TA, to enable/disable fire.