Wiring a relay into an R/C car starter box.

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I rewired my starter box last night, then it occurred to me, why pass high current through the two switches? I would prefer to pass the high current through the motors only and have the two switches (one toggle, one plunger) work in a series to activate the relay.

The batteries in use are as follows 2 x 7.4v 2S 15C 4000mAh connected in series for 14.8v.

I am wondering how to power the relay from these batteries as well as send the high current through the relay and electric motors only. The picture below has green circles around the two switches I am trying to avoid passing high current through. I'm just uncertain about how to wire in the relay and keep the two circled switches working in series to activate the relay.

Also.. a fully charged Lipo battery is around 18V, so I reckon I'll need a higher capacity relay.