wiring a 240v spotlight

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joe w

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I have a metal halide spotlght fixture that I want to connect to an existing 240v circuit. The fixture has a quad ballast that will accept 120, 208, 240 or 277 volt inputs. My problem is that the fixture has only 3 leads: white, black and ground, while the 240v cable has 4 leads: white, black, red and ground. Is it permissible to connect the white, black and ground leads of the fixture to the red, black and ground leads and disregard the white(neutral) on the 240v cable?

P.S. rewiring the internal tap is not my problem.


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It will work. The neutral is provided for those appliances (such as dryers) that use both 120 and 240 but have only one plug. Whether it is "permissable" will depend on specific application. Ask your supervisor. Or your wife. :D