Wires/Fuses part two :D

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    What does it means

    Flat Cord Type SPT1 0.30mm²/2C (0.18mm x 12) 300V 60°C Alloid Wires Philippines License # 0-0491


    and if i had two 12V/5W halogen lamp connected in parallel. What fuse should I use? 5 amp 12 v fuse? Are the amperes of lamp together is 0.833333333???

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    It means that the cable has two cores. Each core is 0.3mm2 cross-sectional-area, made up of 12 wires of 0.18mm diameter.

    So stranded cores.

    Maximum voltage 300V. Maximum temperature 60deg C.

    Two 12W 5W halogen lamps in parallel is a total of 10W. You are correct: 0.833A. Halogen lamps take more current when they first switch on (when they are cold) so 5A fuse probably OK.

    The fuse really protects the cable (and the power supply) so that if you get a short the fuse melts before the cable.

    This cable is OK but do not make it too long otherwise you will get excessive voltage drop and the light will be dimmer. How long? Well, at a rough guess keep it shorter than 5m.
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    Lightfire.. Your name is so appropriate.
    Mostly the fire part.. Luck only takes you so far..
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    What do you mean???