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    Mar 4, 2012
    I would like to have some suggestions about how I could realise a device that is able to make an easy wireless connection (tx and rx) and switch on and off a couple of LEDs.

    Device description
    1. There is a device and a PC. When the device and the PC handshake, the device switches on a green LED.
    2. Pressing the (only) button on the device the LED turns red (green OFF, red ON) and a signal has to be sent to the PC.
    3. The PC can identify which device has made the transmission. When a button is pressed on the PC's program, the LED on the device turns back green (green ON, red OFF), like to say "I got the device x has taken the task".
    • The transmission will always start from the device.
    Further characteristics
    Range: 10s of metres;
    Obstacles: plasterboards walls (with metallic framework), mobile phones;
    Hypothetical solutions: WiFi and access-point or any not standard wireless communication;
    Budget: the cheapest, the easiest;
    # items: 3 (at the beginning);
    Software side: no problem on the PC side.​

    I do not have any (really any) idea about where to start. I have never done any wireless communication, so this is a completely new field for me. So, I would be very glad also to find a suggestion about what to read.

    Many thanks indeed to anyone how can leave a feedback :)
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