Wireless Security System.

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Hi, I am trying to build a Wireless Secuiry System. I have drawn a basic idea of what I am trying to build. Basically have an LCD screen displaying the status of each door, obviously would be hooked up to a wireless reciever to get the status from the wireless contacts. I know there is alot of work to be done, I just wanna know if anyone has done anything like this and could suggest what boards and wireless contacts and recievers i can use. the doors that I am trying to monitor are in a 300-500ft range. If you guys have done a project like this or have any resource that could help me would be great. I have about 8 doors I want monitored. I would appreciate any help. I am new to this. Thank you very much

My name is Zee, and my email is <SNIP> if you can help me please drop me an email or just post to this thread. it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much


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