Wireless pinhole camera, PAL to NTSC switch?

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I ordered this camera off ebay, link. I couldnt figure out why it isnt working, then I realized it was PAL. I took apart it and took some pictures, I dont know much about these types of electronics though. Would it be possible to change this to NTSC? The small thing is the camera and the big thing is the receiver.

Sorry I had to use imageshack for the last 3 pictures, photobucket would only let the first image be uploaded.


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Why don't you simply E-mail them and tell them you need the NTSC version instead?

Didn't you specify that you needed NTSC when you won the bid and paid for the item?

I can tell you this; converting the signal from PAL to NTSC will cost you far more than the shipping to get the item you should've gotten in the first place.


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Since the formats differ in the number of scan lines and the frame timing I seriously doubt that a simple or easy conversion is available. Caveat Emptor!


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Wait a minute! the description is BR Infra-Red 4LEDs B/W Wireless Camera (202BD) UK23 . What does the B/W stand for? is it "Black & White" by any chance? Because PAL and NTSC are color coding schemes and are meaningless if it is B&W.

Now, even if B&W the cameras will differ in scan lines and frame rates so your best bet is to have it replaced but I have been able to see a PAL signal on an NTSC receiver in B&W. This is possible if the receiver will synchronize. The color signal is lost and you see in B&W and maybe lose a few lines. The luminance and sync signalas are pretty much alike in both systems.

All this I say just for scientific dissemination. Your best bet is to exchange it.

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I did contact the guy, he said mail the camera back but keep the receiver. I mailed it back yesterday. But earlier today I got another one in the mail so I took it apart after testing it.


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PAL systems normally also use more scan lines, and most PAL systems are at a 50 Hz frame rate (apart from the different colour system). If its only a B&W system, and your receiver is not multi system, it might be neccesary to alter the vertical frequency (vertical hold) and possibly the Horizontal.... and you would also need to reduce the vert amplitude (height) all on the receiver.