Wireless momentary switch?

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I am building a paddle shifter for my car. I need to mount the paddles on the steering wheel. When the paddle is pulled, it pushes on a momentary switch. However, there are 2 wires going to each switches, which is 4 wires that keep twisting around on the steering wheel when I turn.

So I am trying to find a way to do this wirelessly. Does anybody know where I can get some wireless (maybe radio signal) momentary switches? So when you push the button, that connects to a tiny sender that sends a signal to a main module for it somewhere? How much would this cost?




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You might consider using optics instead, as in I/R transmitter/receivers.

A big problem you'll run into using RF is interference. Let's say you're driving down the road and someone driving next to you has a faulty connection to a spark plug. Basically, that's a Tesla coil and it's generating very broadband RF noise. It would be an unpleasant surprise to suddenly find yourself in 1st gear while you were buzzing down the highway doing 70mph! :eek:

You could set it up with multiple IR LEDs around your wheel near the hub, and a single receiver. The multiple LEDs would help to ensure that at least one was close enough that the receiver would "see" the commands transmitted.

One convenient (albiet expensive) source for IR transmitter/receivers is Radio Shack. Here's a search:

To help eliminate false signals, you could send shift commands on a modulated carrier. Don't have time to fiddle around with that at the moment; I'm just giving you ideas.