Wireless Internet Switch

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The project I am currently working on requires multiple LED's to be turned on via commands sent to them by means of an internet connection. The LED's are spread out from each other, so sending different commands to one device will not do the trick. I am wondering if there is a device that exists that makes it very easy to do this.

I have investigated some SOC's and MCU's that have built in wireless internet capability, but these require quite a bit of work to get them to the point where they can accomplish this goal, and I feel like a simpler system could be used since all I need is a switch to be closed upon receiving a command.

I have also investigated Arduino and Raspberry Pi which both seem to be great solutions to this problem, but I do not want to have to buy three separate Arduinos in order to turn on three separate LED's in different locations.


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... all I need is a switch to be closed upon receiving a command.
You might look into the home automation products, which could do this off-the-shelf. I find them more expensive than I would like, but I'd probably change my mind if I had to build one myself.