Wireless Electricity Transfer (Witricity help)


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you said you were having issues using

Man how in the world do you use these freakin softwares? I just want to draw a simple battery connected to an LED and it's like rocket science to do it...these people never take into account the human factor seriously.

I tried LTSpice, it was probably the most complicated thing to use in the world. Then I tried MicroCAP, and forget the usage, I couldn't even install the damn thing. I have to pretty much hack the registry and use some russian made keygen and use the HASPemul whatever program to find HEX codes and then use these codes during installation of the software....I can't imagine the usage....aaargh!!

I tried OrCAD PSpice, and I install the program and there is like 10 different programs, and none are the ones I can actually use to make circuits and simulate them. Seriously is it just me or are these softwares made only and ONLY for extreme experts in circuit design and theory?

Can you explain what you mean by that? I don't understand by what you mean on "What did you end up going with".
Now do you remember?

Which software are you using? Your drawings are not hand drawn anymore.
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Another thought, 1.0µH is extremely small. I could be wrong, but the inductor is likely the sending / recieving component, up the coils value and size, and drop the cap down to 0.1µF.