Wireless Electricity ( MOSFET issues)

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SO , i am trying to transfer electricity using resonating frequencies of about 50 - 60 KHz . So my whole setup is based on a zv flyback driver.

Based on this project :


I have made the complete circuit on a breadboard but the mosfets don't function properly . This happens : Over a power supply of 16 V DC at 1 A one the mosfet over heats and the other one remains cool as if not turned on . I suspected it to be faulty so i swapped positions the same happend with the one i replaced.
Primary coil 9 + 9 turns seconary coil 17 turns .
I used a 2 uf mkp cap , an inducer with about 30 turns and was able to get an output of 5 v at receiving end at a ditance of about 10cm. (with the over heating problem)
On my second attempt i rewired the cirucit using 1 uf mkp with indcuer of about 45 turns and with the same circuit the nothing properly worked the mosfet kept on over heating and using my multimter i noted that the voltage i got at the pimary coil cap was only .25 v ! .
input was with 16 V without load but when i conneted it to the curciuit staring voltahe only read 5.7 V ! what happened to those 16 Volts .
I want to know
. why does one Mosfet overheat and the other one reaming cool.
.Why am i having such a huge voltage drop at the starting point + and - terminal of the primary circuit
Finally the circuit does not work.
I am attaching the citcuit diagrams.