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A few days ago, my smoke alarm started beeping every minute or so. Thinking that it needed a new battery, I unhooked the smoke alarm from it's AC connection in the ceiling. But to my surprise, the smoke alarm didn't have a battery. The owner's manual confirmed this. Suddenly, I heard the beep again. It was coming from the opening where the smoke alarm used to be. Exposed are the black and white wires connected to other black and white wires in a junction box. To make sure, I went up to the attic, but couldn't hear a thing.

This is a 15 year old house and we never touched this smoke alarm.

How can wires beep and where should I begin looking?

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The Smoke Alarm is a Firex model G-6. This model however is no longer made and the company (Firex) has stated on their website that the model 406 or 41216 replaces the model G-6.

But as I mentioned, I've disconnected the smoke alarm and it's on my front porch now. The beeping sound is still coming out of the junction box. Hmmm... maybe the wires are simply acting as a conduit for the beeps. Perhaps the source is somewhere else?


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Any chance you have another smoke alarm in the house? The modern types are made so if one goes off then they all go off. In this case, another one may have a low battery and is still beeping. The alarm you have disconnected may have just been passing the low battery alarm on.


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This particular detector only sounds when
a ) detecting smoke,
b ) reporting another sensor having detected smoke,
c ) being tested, or
d ) recovering from being silenced.

I think there may be something else entirely that is beeping. Another trip to the attic may be needed.