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    Aug 25, 2005
    About every other day this message pops up saying that i can get a free scan of my computer to find things wrong with my computer and fix them. The program is WinFixer2005, and of course next to select this item is (recomended). But when scan is finished in order to download it you need to pay for it. Now WinFixer is $40 and if your cheap like me im not going to get it. I have a bran new computer have lots of stuff on it, so it does glitch from time to time, but nothing serious. So why does this message keep coming up? Is it really so necessary that i need to install it on my computer? Is this relaible? b/c it makes me questions its resourcefulness for being a pop-up. Any info or suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. beenthere

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    Apr 20, 2004

    Be very suspicious. WinFixer is probably going to (or already has) install crud on your computer. Never trust something that just pops up out of nowhere.

    The stuff I use is freeware. I volunteer at a public school to help keep the computers updated and free of spyware. AVG is a free anti-virus. AdAware and Spybot are both spyware removers, plus Spybot blocks a lot of pop-ups. Microsoft has a beta release of a spyware remover that seems to have promise, too. Run them all.

    Beware of 1Stbar or YourToolBar - I'm fighting an installation on the superintendant's computer that doesn't want to let go.
  3. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003
    It appears as though WinFixer2005 is a BHO and is considered foistware. You are advised to rid yourself of it.

    A Google search of the said application produces some interesting results:

    In particular, one thread from those reasults indicates someone who is suffering the same fate as yourself:

    Firstly, follow the instructions I posted in the following thread:

    Run Ad-Aware, Spybot and Spyware Doctor scans, this will clean a multitude of sins, although it most probably won't solve your WinFixer2005 problem.

    Please note at this point, Spyware Blaster/Guard will have no effect, but you are advised to download them once you are clean. Also changing your browser at this stage will have little impact, but again you are advised to do this once you are clean.

    Secondly, you will need to download HijackThis v1.99.1 from here.. Scan your system - Do not remove anything at this point.

    Create a log of your scan and post it here. You will need to register (its free) and copy your log into your post. Tell them your are experiencing pop-ups from WinFixer2005. Someone will analyse your log and provide you with information on how to remove WinFixer (and any other problems you may have).

    Let us know is you have any problems.
  4. hardernail

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    Aug 25, 2005
    Thanks for the info and help, i'll get on that right away and then we'll see what happens.

  5. albertoni

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    Oct 26, 2005
  6. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003
    Hi albertoni,

    Having looked at the problems WinFixer has posed for many users, it is something you don't particularly want on your machine.

    I would recommend you follow the instructions I posted in my above post. I have noticed that the latest Spybot S&D definitions have WinFixer listed as one of its targets (under the malware section), therefore a scan using Spybot S&D may solve your problem. Spybot is a free download, just follow the instuctions above on where to download the program from.

    Incidently, there are many rogue anti-spyware products on the market, Spyware Warrior lists many of them here. I would say there are few products worth paying for since there are so many free alternatives available.
  7. nyetro

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    Dec 8, 2005
    WINFIXER2005 Get it off and rid of the error mess.
    The best way to rid the pest is to run spybot wich is free and then you should have a restore piont with windows XP go to the program files then to accessories click on system tools you shouls see a restore at the bottom it will display a messasge on that page hit next you will se some dates just go to the recent dat & time just before winfixer2005 which we all hate thats jumps into your reg. click restore Windows does the rest I recomend getting these two software prog. off the net "Spybot" is free/ "Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE" free also. these 2 programs keep all your third exc parties off your computer Also
    look for "free intrnet Eraser" Will clean all the junk you don't know about and is safe Type those names in google good luck youl be happy again :D

    I would not recomend buying winfixer2005 its not worth the price they are asking and the way the company is doing bussiness. Report them to the BBB!
  8. Brandon

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    Dec 14, 2004
    Another sure fire way to secure your system is going through the services and configuring your PC to your specific needs.

    You will be suprise how open your system is out of the box.

    Ctrl-Alt-Del and bring up ur task bar and check out processes. I got 20 right now. 5 Are programs I am running at the moment, 15 background. When I started with my PC, fresh XP install, had around 29 additional things running, how many u got? If there its over 20, you're probably running junk and wasting resources. Laptops figure on 25. Need additional progs for ur touch pads n what not.

    Want to fix it? Here is how. Couple of Parts, Will take u about an hour or 2 depending on how fast of a reader you are. When done U will know a lot more about whats run on ur PC, when u need it and why as well as a new way to boot your system.

    If you like, you can run different levels of services at boot time. You can have a standard mode you will use for daily things like processing, browsing, installing new programs, etc. Maybe a gaming or barebones stripped down that gives the most processing power to your running programs, etc. How ever up how u want it. I got 3 myself,. Full mode (i.e. Original XP Instal), Standard (as explained above), and Gaming.

    Start-> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware Tab -> Hardware Profiles Button

    Copy ur current Profile as many times as arrangements you want. Rename them as such. Put the DEFAULT settings u want to the top by using the arrows on the right side of the box. Mine is

    Standard (Current)

    Got it? Just copy and rename, All done with setup.
    Click OKs to exit.


    Click, Start. Right click on My Computer, click on manage, Dbl click on Services & Applications and then dbl click on Services and you will have the list of all ur services run on the PC.

    Start at the top, click on the first service and read it. This is where u will be spending time. Read what they do and figure out if you need it or not. If your unsure, no problem. THere are links to start and stop the service. Stop it. See what happens. Probably nothing unless its a critical service, but you should be able to tell those by their description. Also, DON'T be fooled by the convoluted names into thinking they are important, most aren't.

    What you do, dbl click on the service u want to modify, click the Log On tab.. and if u look in the window u should see the names of the profiles you set up.. getting it? You get to choose the status of the service with each profile. Click on the Profile name and click the disable or enable as necessary. Some services you can not do this with, those are criticals u can't mess with, no worries.

    When ur done, just close out the services window and ur done. Reboot and you should get a text screen asking you for which profile you want loaded and there u go.

    Some advice for Security n what not
    --Disable the Windows Installer for some Profile. By doing this, windows msi installers can not function so it can assist in blocking installation of somefiles if a program gets executed by mistake. (I disable in all since it only takes me a few secs to open services, get to installer and click Start Service..)
    --If you see Remote Registry, TURN THIS OFF IN ALL PROFILES. This services allows a remote pc to modify your registry.. got to love that. SP2 peeps shouldn't see this. SP1 issue only if I remember correctly.
    --Remote Anything turn it off unless u need remote access for like VPMs for work etc.
    --Wireless Zero?? The hell is that.. well its MSes cheezy wireless program. Just use the program which comes with your card. Typically they are better.
    --Windows Server, so, you sharing your files with the world? No? Turn it off.. Doesn't mean you can't use file sharing programs like WinMX, Kazaa, etc, u can P2P no problems, just that you can't be a server.
    --Indexing Service.. unless u loose files on you HD all the time and got to search for them turn this crap off. It is a resource hog. WHile at it, go to your hard drive, right click, properties and uncheck the Allow Indexing choice. Speeds up HD, at the cost of longer seaching times when u do search.
    --Themes.. THEMES?? Its a computer not a theatre.. anyhoo, I disable in all. Your choice, but trimming all the fat gives a lean machine.

    Mine -
    Gaming Profile only has critcal services to run my lan card, my vid card, sound card the computer and thats about it.
    Standard has all of gaming plus installer services, C++ Debugger, Support for usb devices, etc.
    Full - no change

    Well, thats its.. The rest, figure it out, its not hard. I pointed this way a year or so ago, now I point u.

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