windows XP recovery console drive letering

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i just had a hard drive (the OS drive) in my old server crash. so removed it. want to put OS on idintical, but curently has data on it. have ablank disk to copy to. figured just boot dos disk, but filed because of no SCSI drivers. then i dicided win XP recovery console to copy, booted ok, but the destination drive shows up id diskpart /disklist, but no letter. did help tryed the map command and couldn't do anythig other than list disk and device\harddisk1\partition1 tryed puting map F:\ device\harddisk1\partition1 and just errored out. is their some way to mount the drive like done in linux by saying something like "mount" device\harddisk1\partion1? i can put in another system and do the copy, but have to remove one drive and copy to that system then the other drive, because one is 68 pin LVD SE the other is SCA. so if i can rather just do in the server.
also tryed to see if just running ubuntu in try mode would work ,but errors out saying disk read error. but windows disk works fine in the same drive, so i suspect SCSI driver isue.


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This is how I recovered data from a "lost" drive.

  1. Booted the computer with a Ubuntu boot cd.
  2. Connected an USB memory stick.
  3. Mounted the "lost" drive.
  4. Spent an hour or so to go through all the folder looking for files to keep.
  5. Removed the USB,
  6. Tried the USB on another PC
  7. Turned the "lost" PC off and started on the Hardware change...
Good luck!