windows 2000 server multi procesor

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    Jul 29, 2010
    I was given a really old dell power edge server earlier this week. only had 1 CPU, but 2 slots so I puled the termination card and added a second pII I had from something else. bios sees both as PII 300mhz CPUs. I installed win server 2000 on it and it rebooted it just started boot cycling. load bios, windows then error. was able to get into debug mode, and it stopped the cycling so I could see error. get standard windows BSOD screen. says multi processor specification not supported. at the time was set to 1.4 in bios, so changed to 1.1, but still have issue. remembered had to load 2nd CPU support in 2000, so did that do luck tried both settings again neither work. not sure if both CPU have to be in when support added, but not rally a choice. unless I boot then plug in 2nd cpu and hope for best. worst cas fries board, cpu, but systems so old probably just be parted out after finish experimenting with it.
    am I missing something? I have only worked with 2000 a little bit because so old I'm not all that familiar with it like I am 08.