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    Aug 26, 2013
    Dear All,

    I am a complete newbie in electronics. I am trying to develop a wind charge controller circuit based on this youtube video

    I can understadn most of the components used, i.e. diodes, 555 integrated circuit and relay.

    But please can someone help me to understand the 'sky blue' component used next to 555 integrated circuit and the 'yellow square type' component next to relay.

    Sorry if I am asking anything wrong- I am just trying to make it and am assembling the component used.

    Kind Regards
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    Oct 2, 2009
    Here is the schematic. Ask your question with respect to the components shown there.

    Is the picture the one attached here? If so, the two blue things are trimpots R1 and R2. The yellow thing is most likely C1

    The 555 is used as a "window comparator". R1 and R2 adjust the upper and lower trip points. The output of the charger either is connected to a battery, or to a dummy load which is supposed to act as a brake.

    I dont like it. It is likely to switch many times before a battery is fully charged. I would have used a shunt regulator. That would keep a constant load on the wind machine/solar panel as the battery charges.
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    The "sky blues" are adjusting pots and the yellow thing seems to be a capacitor.

    Darn. Not fast enough.:D
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    PWNed by seconds! And he posted more text, a link and a photo too. ;)
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