Wind and Solar Energy Logger

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    Sep 27, 2008
    I am a 2nd year student and this is my Major Project:

    It is projected that Cape Town will require significant more power in the near future. The city wants to add to the current power generation, but wants to do this in a green manner. Since there is lots of sun and wind in Cape Town, the city wants you to investigate these two potential sources. To do this they need to gather data on how much wind and solar energy various places get. You have to build a portable energy meter for these two sources and log the results over a 30 day period. The measurement needs made about every 30 seconds and recorded.

    Now the major problem in this project for me is logging the results every 30 seconds. Is it possible to write a program in C/Java to receive information via Serial Comms from my circuit and actually saving it in a Text file (minmum requirement) or in a Excel file.