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    Jul 15, 2008
    Hi, I am interested in a project that deals with networking, the recent trend in wireless networking is all about Wimax. In order to go further i need the disadvantages of Wimax an so i can build a networking unit that can possibly overcome those disadvantages.

    Can anyone help me now.
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    Jun 13, 2008
    Are you doing this because you want to be better than Pakistan?
    Wimax is a new technology has a good potential but has high operational cost due to the high number of base stations because of being a MAN network.
    Wimax wireless probably will replace GSM and CDMA.
    They claim to be able to transmit at 70Mbit/s over 70 km. But other claims put a 50km limit or bit errors rates will be high.
    Available bandwidth is shared between users in a given radio sector, so its performance will deteriorate in the case of many active users in a single sector but so are doing it the other wireless services.
    All-IP networks are probably better. Wimax II has been proposed to 4G telephony.
    You have plenty of spectrum in the HAM radio bands however they can't be allocated for comercial use. You even need a license to operate them mine is KE6OJE.

    I found you a good page for you http://www.bbwexchange.com/wimax/
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