wilson network

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Hi Guys
i am working in some project about ECG with Bluetooth
but i would like to make a complete explanation about the normal i need in this explanation to disscuis every componentes
i started to do that ,but i found some troubles
i can not find any thing about wilson network
if you can please help me
if yoy had any information that will help send me!!!!!!


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I googled, "Wilson Network" + ECG and found several hits

for example:
"A precision resistor network (Wilson network) sums the various electrode voltages to achieve the standard voltages for the different ECG selections."
from: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0HPJ/is_n4_v42/ai_11398513/pg_2

"The signals from the lead buffers 110 are fed in part to a Wilson network 120 which is a conventional resistor network which creates six of the signals used for electrocardiography"

and so on.

Try to google "Wilson Network + ECG and see if any of the links help.