Will this work as expected?


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Nope, no luck....

It doesn't really matter though. If the schematic on post #9 works that is... does it ?

No I don't think it does under load. When the switch is off, I think the upper PNP could turn on too, obviously not good.

Since your input is not a switch and your output doesn't require a Push-Pull why don't you tell us what I asked in one of my previous posts?

Is the input a high or low side or push-pull switch and do you want to sink or source current at the outputs?

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thank you for answering!

This +/- or -/+ will be fed to this arrangement of switches and diodes that's built in a commercial linear actuator (these are mechanical components that I prefer not to modify).


The and result - at current DC motor's poles - will be three states:
open circuit/forward/reverse
which I plan to feed to the servo driver circuit instead.

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Let me see if I understand this.

You currently have a BLDC motor and BLDC Controller.

You want to swap the Motor out for a brushed motor.

You now need control for the brushed motor in the form of reverse/off/on.

Is this correct so far?

Do you know how R/C servos work?

Please post a complete schematic of your solution, including diagrams so I understand what I think you are trying to do.

The servo signal is a pulse train, and an H-Bridge will NOT be able to interpret it at all.

A brushed motor ESC is $20, probably less than you'll end up spending on this project, which will most likely have issues even if you do get it to function correctly.

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I currently have a linear actuator with a brushed motor that I want to replace it with a more powerful brushless one.

The Electronic Speed Controller will be an off-the-shelf R/C component - one that costs 20 bucks or less - so it needs a R/C servo input signal.

This servo pulse will be provided by a servo driver circuit. Yes I do know how R/C servos work.

I'll draw a block diagram of what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks for all the help!

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