Will rerouting this lead be ok?

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    Nov 12, 2009
    hello folks. i am building a replacement unit of a reverb sound module and i am building my version upon perf board rather than making a pcb like is used in the original. on the original, there is a lead that comes out from the very bottom of one of the 14 pin chips(trace side) used in the circuit. since i am building it on perfboard, it makes this connection difficult to get to since i want the build to be as organized and clean with all leads coming from the top of the board like usual, not like the strange approach used in the original. I figured it'd be as simple as dragging the lead out from underneath the chip to make this happen but i'm still unsure if this will suffice. i provided an illustration to make my explanation a bit easier as im already confusing myself..haha . on the top is how it looks on the original pcb unit(note the blue lead coming out of the intersection in the middle of the chip) and on the bottom is where i'd like to reroute the lead. is it ok if i reroute it so it hits the chips pin first then hits the intersection or does it need to be where it was soldered to originally? i'm really only concerned about whether the lead will work on the outside of the chip pin like in my version or if it must stay on the inside like hte original. will my rerouting work? thanks again folks and sorry if i've been of confusion.

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    Generally speaking, yes. But, are you SURE of that circuit? In the top drawing, you show two leads exiting from the right side and attached to the same pin. That is unusual.