Will LCD present in mobile phones affect the radiation pattern of the antenna?

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Hi All,
I want to know whether the radiation pattern of an antenna in a mobile phone affected by LCD (present in the phone).
If you can suggest any application notes or any site it will be very useful for me.

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Not sure of the context of your question but the short answer is yes.

The antenna engineer works to optiimze radiated performance for a given spectrum, form factor, and composition while at the same time trying to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by the user, the so-called SAR or specific absorbtion rate.

Once the design has been finalized any changes can effect RF performance, SAR, battery life, bit error rate, etc.

If you are contemplating removing the LCD from your phone you will effect the performance but not necessarily such that you could tell due to network capabilities. You may however increase the SAR as the LCD may be employed as a shield of sorts.