Will a question about a transformer for a DC to AC inverter get censored?

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I have a question about a transformer for a 12VDC to 110VAC inverter, which I'm designing. If I post such question, will it get censor with extreme prejudice?

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Post it in the electronics chat and we'll see. Not seeing the circuit there is literally no way to make a call. However, traditional inverters are allowed under the ToS. If in doubt, then read the ToS, it is pretty spelled out there.

You will see some reluctance for people who start with "I just got into electronics, and this is my first project. I want to build a 1KV power supply...". If you think I'm joking I'm not, we get that and worse all the time. Then there was "I want to wire my doorbell to the house line current as a joke" thread. We do get some strange ones now and again.

BTW, house current are not that dissimilar for people who are just starting out, it is all a matter of degree.