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Can any body please explain me the relation between wifi data rate and the signal strength? actually i have bought 150Mbps wifi and i am having very poor signal strength and a friend of mine suggested me to replace it with 54Mbps....is he rite??


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It could be. the problem with low signal strength is that it increases the bit error rate. so the faster the info being transmitted the more prone that info is to becoming distorted. so slowing it down can decrease all the errors being recieved and speed up your connection. hope this helps


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In my opinion, the wifi signal strength has nothing to do with you data rate.

Signal strength received depends on your wireless modem power amplifier inside, antenna, your receiver antenna, and the distance between you and your wireless modem.

Besides that, too many of metal will absorb the radiation away, causing you poor received signal strength.

How you place your wireless antenna will also cause the signal strength received. The antenna should be placed vertical, so that the radiation can go sideways.

Besides that , you also need to take note of the channel your wireless router is using. There are 11/13 channels depends on your country. So, you probably need to check which channel you are using and also the channel used by your neighbors. If the channel used is the same, then, you will certainly end up in a poorer signal strength. For best result, change the channel to a channel where your channel wont overlap with your neighbors channel. For example, channel 1,6,11 are non-overlapping channels. You can read more on yourself.

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...a friend of mine suggested me to replace it with 54Mbps....
My understanding is that all (good?) wi-fi routers and cards/adapters actively adapt to the environment in which they are working. They will try to negotiate the best speed possible where the bit-error rate is below a maximum tolerable.

Changing to a slower router won't help, I think.