why my pic not work?

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hi I'm new to this forum and to microcontrollers
i use JDM type programmer and winpic(DL4YHF's). i burnt my first program in to 16f628a it is a just on a led program and it work well:) then i burnt a blinking led program in to same pic it also work well then i again burnt my first program to the same pic this time it was burnt to the pic but did not work as before:confused:. that chip still can erase and program but does not work when the pic power up another thing when i disconnect ground (vss) from pin 5 all pins go high with respect to ground
i bought a new 16f628a pic and burnt my first program in to it and power up it work well
so did i burn my first 16f628a chip or is was i lock it up:confused::confused:
my configuration word is __config=0x2128
and followings are the program i used and my jdm progrmmer