Why i'm so afraid of free energy

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Guys this is your space to fell free to show every one all your frustration and your very good knowledge about thermodynamics. Fell free to show your personality and your strong anger against over unity. Come up you all to sing this song together to shut up free energy from the earth faces. Please join us in our believe that this world is just as we learned in school and that there is anything more to learn. Our lives are limited, nice don't you think? Oh lets feel happy don't we trust our country? Aren't we the most intelligent people in the earth? Common get stupid with us! Show your stupidity here for us all to read and laughs and at least fell free and happy for some seconds happy new year!

Nice KISS year my friends


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No point, obviously, to reminding you that none of the "free energy" ideas have any grounding in reality. Maybe it's you who are afraid to put in the time to learn electronics and some science.

Most seriously, if you read through the links in the sticky, you will see that each and every bit of the subject has been answered multiple times.

It's not all about you - it's simply that there is nowhere to go with any of this.
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