Why electronics is your fav'rite? Why are ya intelligent?

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I'm wondring how come electronics is your fav'rite so far. Why?

And considering that most, at least all:Dmembers here are intelligent with the exception of me, of course.:D... Why? Are ya intelligent since childhood? If so, do ya love reading books when you were a child? Aren't you an honor student in your elementary and secondary, etc?

If so, explain ya'r life here.




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I liked electronics and repairing stuff since I was a kid. Hard if not impossible to explain WHY. Maybe because it gives you the possibility to accomplish a lot of things you couldn't do otherwise. Everything in modern life is based on it. It follows rules and it's understandable (to a certain degree). There are too many things that don't follow specific rules....The only thing I wish to understand more is chemistry, but I hate it.


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When I ask at call centers where they are at,99% of the time its the
Philippines.I tell them I know you,they are Impressed with you passing on history.


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Hi Lightfire. When i was your age I was interested in electronics & mechanical things, but did poorly at school. Curiosity & perseverence & wanting to know how things worked & why, was how i learnt (those days it was Valves, transistors were only just on the scene) & ime still learning, you never stop. The big advantage for you is these Forums where you can ask questions & generaly get good answers. Another thing you can learn a lot by dimantling things & see how they work & build a collection of good salvaged parts for further use.


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I have had very many hobbies. my brain does not entertain more than one hobby at a time and does not stay happy with hobbies for very long. Before I enjoyed electronics, I enjoyed blacksmithing, and before blacksmithing it was writing, and before writing it was hunting, and before hunting it was auto mechanics, and before auto mechanics it was bicycle fabrication. I don't like blacksmithing or hunting or writing or auto mechanics or bicycles any more. I hate to say, but I am starting to be very interested in woodworking and at some point in the near future I may stop playing with electronics and start playing with wood (no dirty pun intended). I did not do very well in school because I didn't pay attention well. In the classes I liked, I did excellent; perfect grades. In all the other classes I barely passed/ like 72% overall graduating grade.