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    Why do you post,do you have that much spare time.Is a rapid
    moving post more fun so you don't have to wait for someone
    to log- on to see a reply. 24/7 guys hit the slow down of the
    servers.I think the Adm's and Mod's have given us lots of space
    to speak our mind. There seems to more communication and
    less tension among the posters.The photo's have changed the
    forum for the better,and better things to come.Does this system
    have enough space for all the new members that join.When a good
    post comes on off-topic the the guest count rise's fast eager to see
    what coming next.Like the Work bench seems real,sounds real. This Is a
    Holiday test,to see who Is home. Let us know If you are checking In on
    the road with all these new plans for laptops and other devises,
    name them. Have a good Holiday,Vets check In so your service can be thanked.
    I like the big ship stories. I watched a story of all the wars going back
    to the beginning of time,and concluded that If 10 guys from each
    side had the power to talk about the effect It was going to have on the
    famlies of both sides,they would go home holding there flag with honor
    to the family.You young guys should consider that Make Peace Not War.
    Do It with the key board,mechanics and solders had to learn to use the
    key board,women were the typest,this Is a changing world. Women are
    taking up arms,they should be hugged,not shot. Let the leaders duel It out,
    they would choose to go home too. The U.S.Supreme Court Justices go
    home at night In there full Robes as Do others as the fate of the world
    Is resolved.
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    Google the name "Lori Piestewa" and check out some of the tribute videos for the first female Native American casualty in a war. She was KIA the night Jessica Lynch was captured.

    The leaders would never duke it out, although that thought has been brought up time and time again.