Why Are You A Member Of The A.A C. Forum


Joined Mar 24, 2008
I had been looking for a site like this for a while. Some sites, while electronics based, expect you to take their word and get offended if you want to know the details. This one doesn't. I also like the blogs, image hosting, and more.

And yes, I use the information I gain here often.


Joined Jan 10, 2012
Between the simulators, synthesizers, place & route, code checkers, design rules checkers and all the other tools I use daily to do my job, I have gotten far away from basic electronics that I used to enjoy. Sites like this one bring that back to me.


Joined Apr 11, 2010
I am a hobbyist and found this site while trying to design a circuit for a new application. I stayed and learned a lot from the community.


Joined Feb 20, 2011
Electronics was a hobby of mine since I was 6, but just recently I started working with electronics as a career. My first electronics forum was Electro-Tech-Online, but after a few months I decided I really wanted to try another site as well. I joined AAC and 4HV, but dropped 4HV after only a short period of time. I didn't care much for its layout, and the people tended to be less friendly. Over the next couple of months I really grew to enjoy being at AAC. The community is friendly and helpful, layout is clear and easy to use, and I've learned a lot. Just recently I made AAC my home forum, and here I am. I've made a lot of friends here and had a lot of fascinating conversations. I am proud to be a member here at AAC.



Joined Nov 23, 2012
I became a member to figure out how to modify my automobile into a perpetual motion machine that can: shoot projectiles with a rail gun, shock by-bystanders and then jam their phones so the cannot call for help. It was going to be powered by 15 lead acid batteries in series so i could simply rectify mains power and eliminate heavy transformers when charging. Once charged, a relay would trip and the AC would kick on a string of LEDs.

When I have time and money to start this project, I will start asking questions.


Joined May 11, 2009
I was searching for pictures of swimsuits girls(for a friend of course). But Google brought me here. The swimsuit picture was a big bummer. But the rest of the forum was kind of OK