Whoopie Iracing release the Gen6 Stock car

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    For those unaware Iracing is racing simulator that is at the top of all simulators. It runs like a MMORPG where you pay a monthly fee, then you have to buy tracks and cars. You also have to race against other people and have a racing ability number, and a safety number. To get higher licenses to run faster cars you have to earn the licenses. You can still race higher cars with a low license if its not an official race and a private persona or league is hosting the race. You have to spend hours creating setups or d/l them from teammates of posted setups. But old setups are only a starting point because the track temps change and that makes the setup of the car change. Every change you can do with a real car, you can do in the simulation. I've raced with Dale Earnhardt Jr.TJ Majors his spotter, Juan Pablo Montoya, Brad Colmen, Bobby Lebonte, Parker Kligerman, and about 50 more pro drivers. Heres a video of the new NASCAR car. But they also have road cars. From beginning local racing, thru latemodels, indy cars, F1, Jetta Cup, Legends, Busch cars, Trucks, Radical S8, and even the starter open wheel cars. If your a racing enthusiest please reaserch the sim with video's and goto the site. I must stress though this is not a game! Driving around crashing people doesn't work. You take damage to you cars and they act accordingly. If you start cussing at people and intentionally wrecking people you'll get banned. Check it out though if your a racer you'll fall in love.

    Heres a sneek peek of the new Kia their releasing. Watch the physics of the car and track. Its so realistic when you in race, you really forget your not in a car.

    Montage of different cars and tracks(including wrecks)
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    I 've thought seriously about getting in iRacing twice. The first time it was cost that drove me out. The second, it was the lack of time.

    I 'm happy I didn't fall for it. Now I REALLY don't have the time.
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    Its amazing but does take a lot of time because its a real sim. Its not like a video game. Prices have dropped quite a bit so its pretty economical. But you loosen the car too much its fast but you can loose it easy and spin it. Or if someone give you a shot from behind you'll spin it or wash up. Its broken into States so each state has its own forum and post setups and compete against other states. Then you have individual races and leagues. Its really amazing. Its so funny to watch console gamers try to drive it. They just crash after crash and can't figure out it acts like a real car, if you floor a 800hp car into 2nd gear the car will break loose. You can't brake and turn at the same time either. All the assists in the racing games make people think its gonna act like game where it doesn't when you see people racing in groups or packs, your literally holding on for dear life as the cars are shifting all around you.

    Heres what a real race looks like inside cockpit