Who pays for AAC?

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Lots of forums ask for money, this one doesn't. It also doesn't have ads (for registered users). Do the ads for unregistered users really cover the bill, or is someone paying out of pocket to keep this place running?

Also, who gets an email when someone sends off a message via the "contact us" page?


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This forum is quite good there is little graphical violence inside threads, or user icons. Believe it or not it can be quite disturbing.

There is only a small number of public forums which have a high level of cleanlieness.

I would welcome more detailed information some kind of "About Us".

Most Governments are elected somehow, and even when not, the "peons" will know very well who makes the descisions and who runs the whole thing. I am not saying in any kind members here have anything to do with "peons". Only for illustration!

But think of public forums in general- if they would be governments. Quite scary actually.


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If given the information I would personally be willing to write up an "About us page" that could be placed somewhere, to provide info and let the good folks know who keep the lights on, as well as thank those that do