Who Has There POWER BALL Tickets


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1. and its limited to certain states.

You can't buy Powerball tickets in Alabama, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Big dreamers in these states must cross state borders in search of a little luck.

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What about the Irish lotto we use to hear about before we had legal lotto.

Can any U.K. guys report on your lotto's or lack of games of chance.


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We have several lotteries.

The main one is the national lottery, which has prizes of around £5million pounds (sometimes rolls over to the next one).

Then we have the Thunderball, where you choose several numbers, and one 'special' number. You can win money, but getting the correct 'thunderball' wins you lots more.

Then there are other small 'games', one example is where you have to match six numbers in order. The more you get correct before your chain breaks, the more you win.

We can also do the Euro lottery. Just like the national lottery but with much bigger prizes.

I myself will never do it. I won't be a pund richer, but I'll never be a pound poorer.

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I got a set of cards that have all the power ball numbers,now I have to decide how

many times I send them thru for quick picks of regular numbers. If I sent them thru

twice,I will have two power balls,with quick pick numbers,three times??????????????