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Who know the cost of skype and why more people are not using it.

Its been out for awhile,must be some reason there not more hype

about Skype.


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depends on who you are ;) I use it all the time to talk to my mom via video cam. Completely free, descent quality. Most immigrants use it to talk to their relatives. Maybe people do not use it because they have those unlimited cell phone plans... I don't. Don't have a "smart" phone, don't want one, don't need one. Love Skype, talk for free for hours and get to see the person that you are talking too... friday's are overloaded usually at our end so have to turn off video.


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Explain how to use it free,step by step please.
You can download it at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/windows/

You can also download it on a smartphone, I know it works on Iphone, on a Windows Mobile device I couldn't get it to work.

You can talk for free to anyone all over the world who has skype installed on his computer.
You can also call landlines cellphones, but this will cost you money, although it's really not much.
You can have a subscription or not, I don't, it's still cheap.

Video quality is more or less good, but could be better, you can't say it's "amazing".
Skype changes video quality/resolution automatically depending on the detected available internet bandwidth, this can be a real fun killer.

I also do not know why video quality can't be higher , I mean we have high up/download speeds available, it could be MUCH better.

Well, once you downloaded it you will need to create a username and a password. Then you log in and add contacts. This can be known contacts or new people (I never added anyone unknown though)

Then you call the person or chat with her.

For video you will of course need a webcam.

It's really easy to use...


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One dark spot is that a contact must first approve of your friend request before you can start chatting and calling each other, much like M$ msn.


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Who know the cost of skype and why more people are not using it.

Its been out for awhile,must be some reason there not more hype

about Skype.
you can use it to call phones, but their rates aren't really competitive, especially when everybody's got unlimited call anywhere plans. It CAN be a really good alternative for calling other countries though, and if you're IN another country it's your friend. I bring my laptop when I fly global so I can call in the airport with free wifi; otherwise it costs me >8$/min on my cell phone. Their best feature, video chat, is free though. My wife uses it to talk to her family on the other side of the planet. The video quality is not great, nor the sound, but it's free. One thing though, at least one person needs to use headphones because you get a lot of feedback issues with the mic right next to the speakers.


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Who know the cost of skype and why more people are not using it.

Its been out for awhile,must be some reason there not more hype

about Skype.
Well it is the #1 phone company in the world so I'd say people know about it. They bought Gizmo5 or what ever it was for the SIP funtions so they are going after buisnesses, people that talk country to country.serve in the military or work in IT. All these people use it which makes a huge base. But for your average westerner who lives and dies by their iphone it makes no sense to get skype when they have to pay for the iphone service anyways. And to just call phones in your country its cheap as crap. Like $6 a month for 4000 minutes. They say unlimited but if you read the fine print with any VOIP service you see unlimited means 2000 minutes, 4000 minutes, etc.. Like cell data.
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I don't use it for the simplest of reasons. I have a old fashioned BBS. It needs to use a modem. I would drop phone service in a heart beat if this weren't the case.


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Bill have you tried a VOIP fax line? This was a huge problem at firstwith VOIP but they fixed it where you can get a special VOIP line that will connect fax machine and probably BBS's. I miss bbs's