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When using forums like this, it is well to bear in mind the fact that we may not really know who we are dealing with, or what they want from us. The other day, I received a reminder of this when a discussion here left me feeling annoyed at my own stupidity. Challenged by another contributor to solve an apparently simple problem, I gullibly took the bait, and entered into what turned out to be a useless argument. My only consolation in this is that apparently a few others did likewise.

Looking back, it seems likely that the person concerned came here with the intention of making trouble; at any rate they have now been banned. Unfortunately, it took me quite a while to cotton on to the fact that they were simply talking a load of old cobblers, at which point I disengaged. Should we just be glad that this sort of thing is fairly uncommon, or can anyone suggest how to more efficiently head off any such people in the future?


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A certain individual started calling someone names, which they had been warned about.

It is a 7 day ban.

The only reason it wasn't longer is we have few new Completed Projects that are of very high quality, and there were a few posts where he showed promise.

When they comes back (if they come back) he/she will do better or the next ban will be much longer.

We were tracking pretty much their every post from square one. We will be again.

Hopefully they will learn the rules. If not, well...


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Sometimes it's easier to type your response ... to get it out of your system .... without posting it. By then, your thought process will know it's not worth the trouble to post and the OP is baiting you or could be baiting you.

That or just step away from the forum ... hopefully the rage of the moment will dissipate.


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Since he is the cause of this thread, I find it the appropriate place to announce the ban of Yako (a.k.a T.Jackson).

We usually don't make special notice of bans inflicted, but this is a special case. This member has submitted especially helpful additions in the Completed Projects section and other users' threads.

However, he also created quite a ruckus by also making troll, provocative, insulting and very questionable posts.

The Mod team had quite a difficult time to decide on this account's fate. In the end the AAC community made the final decision, when many members complained about Yako's behaviour.

AAC may be an electronics site, but we put friendly atmosphere and userbase coherence above a potential genius. The Mod team will first secure a safe, pleasant and family-friendly environment for the site to operate in and then examine the member's contributions.

Thank you for your attention.