Whitney Houston Dead at 48

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I just now heard the news. Wow, what a heartbreaker. I've enjoyed her music and acting, and of course, her natural beauty. She is gone so suddenly and too soon.


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Wow there's been a lot of really unexpected famous deaths the past couple years. She got way to much flak over the drug thing. She was a musician, I would of expected her to dabble in drugs.


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That voice could melt an iceberg, and I have many fond memories with Whitney Houston ballads as the sound-track. What a tragic loss.

I does seem that prodigious talent often comes packaged with profound human flaws, and for Whitney Houston, the devil was that infernal white powder.


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Why are the bad boy's getting all the stars,some make them stars

I don't buy or download any of most of stars stuff,but I have to admit

the I got caught up in some songs to just listen to for free.


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I feel so sorry for her family, especially her daughter and her mother. I loved Whitney's talent, but her personality I did not like.

She was the greatest singer of ALL time in my opinion....drugs or not. She is a true legend in music and entertainment.


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Just another over famous person glorified to spite Her addictions. Not exactly a person to look up to. Singers, actors, and over paid athletes do not make good heroes in my opinion. They are constantly told how great they are, thrown huge sums of cash when they "arrive" and are totally disconnected with reality. I have compassion for any loved ones that lost Her, but for me personally it's just another day. She will be replaced with another plastic Holywood talking head before you can blink.


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The word "mockery" is a bit too strong in my opinion.

In the US, governors are authorized by federal law to order all U.S. and state flags in their jurisdiction flown at half-staff as a mark of respect for a state official or resident who has died. Since a governor's executive order affects only his or her state, not the entire country, these orders are distinguished from presidential proclamation.

The state governor has the discretion and is in a better position to decide if a resident is worthy of this unique consideration.

Here is a list of some of her achievements. Included here is the fact that Houston's recording of "The Star Spangled Banner" reached the number twenty on the Hot 100 Singles chart in March 1991, making her the only act to turn the national anthem into a pop hit. The single was re-released in September 2001 and peaked at number six on the chart, becoming the first and the only version of the national anthem to achieve that feat in music history.


To me the list seems to show enough content for a governor to decide that this citizen has done honor to her home-state. I doubt any other person who received the honor was a perfect person. Obviously people who give their life in performing their duty are extra special and most deserving, but the honor is not reserved only for those heros.


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The whole thing to me is just another chapter in the 'cult of celebrity'.

Whitney Houston was a disgrace to her family and her community. Whitney Houston chose drugs instead of her daughter and family. Whitney Houston did zero to help herself and wasted a fortune that could have helped others. To give her states honors is a travesty when the balance of good deeds is weighted against the reality of her life and death.
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I don't mean to be disrespectful, but Whitney Houston brought her death upon herself. Sure, I enjoyed her music (still do), but she really should have been more careful about taking care of herself. Drugs were a very bad choice, as was the alcohol and smoking. IMHO it was her own fault she got into such a bad place, and eventually died from it. And also IMHO, nsaspook is absolutely right. She did absolutely nothing to deserve a flag flying at half mast in her honor. She did not die for her country, or even to save anyone else. She killed herself, and IMHO drugs and alcohol are the coward's way out.



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She killed herself, and IMHO drugs and alcohol are the coward's way out.
She didn't commit suicide, so it is not proper to say she killed herself. Also, substance abuse and addiction are not issues of bravery versus cowardice.

I don't know why people feel the need to go to such extremes in judgement. Basically, a talented person who gave much to the world, but who was also flawed (as we all are in some way) has died. Some people feel her beneficial contributions to the world outweigh her harmful flaws that affected her personal life. Some may disagree with that, but there is absolutely no cause to claim that honoring her is a dishonor to others.

There is no requirement to die for your country or to save others to be honored by flying a flag at half staff. Many people had the honor simply because of their political position, irregardless of their actual achievements.
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